Resources for the Dying:

Spirit Vessel offers mindfully handcrafted Ceramic Urns and personalized Celebration Of Life Ceremonies to assist in grieving, honoring, and celebrating you or your loved one.  Spirit Vessel provides support and tools for at home, intimate, personalized ceremonies, in which you can participate by yourself or with others. Our ceremonies recognize and highlight the joy of our loved one’s life while holding space for the complexities of grief for those left to live on.

Alive Hospice is a non-profit hospice located in Nashville, Tn. Alive offers personalized physical, emotional & spiritual care to anyone facing a terminal illness, including infants and children.  Alive is also a wellspring of grief support and community education throughout middle Tennessee.

Websites I love:

Barbara Karnes, RN is an end-of-life educator, hospice pioneer and deathcare worker.  She has literally written the book (actually dozens) on dying that is widely distributed throughout hospices across the US today.  Her website, is an excellent resources to her work, her blog and her speaking engagements and podcasts, including her own.


Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was a psychiatrist and pioneer on death and grief studies and a central figure in the hospice care movement.  EKR wrote over 25 books on dying and grief and is credited for the “5 Stages of Grief” model widely used today.  The EKR Foundation is led by her son and is an extension of her legacy – an international community of death and grief workers.  I especially like the “Grief Resources” section of the site,

Mission Hopsice is located in California but offers an incredible free community education department.  Under the heading, Events, anyone can access the wide variety of virtual webinars with leading voices in the modern death care movement.  Mission Hospice also offers virtual death cafes (for those interested in open dialogue about death) and drop-in virtual support groups.  The events calendar can be found at:

Our communities have been convinced that after-death care should be delegated to the funeral home industry.  As we grow in awareness of better grief strategies and as we turn toward greener options for our burials, Home Funerals are gaining attention and attraction.  The National Home Funeral Alliance is an excellent resource for their directory and can be found at:

Death Care Community Resources:

Alua Arthur is an amazingly impressive death doula and her website offers so much guidance and virtual support on topics like Death Doula Training, Virtual Advance Care Planning & Virtual Counseling with Alua and her team.  It is a beautiful and easy to navigate online space with lots to offer.

Cole Imperi, the Death Worker behind defines thanatology as “the study of death and dying.”  The American Thanatologist website offers progressive thought on the fields of death companioning, dremains (digital remains) and the intersections of death/dying and botany and death/dying and yoga.  There is a wealth of information on this site for the young, the old, the death curious and those considering work in the death care community.

Cait Maddan is a Certified Death Doula with an innovative idea: offer online death doula services to the global community.  While many parts of death doula care are best practiced in person, there are so many benefits to having a virtual resource.  In particular, Cait’s virtual services for developing coping strategies for death anxiety and grief integration is a brilliant idea.  Cait also offers packages for online guidance in her shop, a great option for the curious as a first step on death planning journey.  Find her shop here:

For Aspiring Death Doulas:

INELDA is one of the largest professional doula training programs in the world and has a stellar reputation to match its size.  Choosing a training program is a personal decision and due diligence is necessary.  I trained with INELDA in 2020 and was impressed with its focus on professionalism and business development for private practice doulas.  Check out their website for more detailed information on their mission, their team and their future offerings.

Conscious Dying Institute offers a few programs, End-of-Life Coaching, End-of-Life Doula and Death Education.  This program has a strong focus on spirituality and mindfulness and reminds us of the sacred transition we bear witness to at the bedsides of the dying.  For more information on the CDI programs, click here.

This website is full of resources for every dimension of doula work.  The offerings have a focus on “holding space” in a variety of capacities and has a unique approach to the types of doula trainings it provides.  This is a great place to get started investigating your calling.

NEDA is the only agency of its kind – it offers a gold standard for qualifying death doulas from all different programs with it’s Proficiency Badge.  NEDA is also an excellent source for local directories and has a beautiful article discussing the scope of death doula work, as well as a detailed description of the doula model of care.  See more here.

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