Farewell Fellowship offers both packages and hourly services to customize the care options for the aging, dying and grieving in our community.

Doula Packages

This is a full-spectrum package that offers support and guidance across the entire end-of-life journey.

In the early days of service, the doula will work with the dying person to review their life and create a remembrance project. As that work unfolds, the doula will help the dying person and loved ones create a vigil plan that expresses their wishes.

During the last days of life, the doula will provide presence at the bedside, emotional and psychological support, guidance on the dying process, assistance with practical care, and respite for the caregivers.

Lastly, after the death, the doula will help loved ones process their experiences, provide information about the grief process, and facilitate some early work toward a healthy return to living a well-functioning and meaningful life.

Package Details:

  • 5 Pre-vigil Visits (totaling 8 hours)
  • Phone & Text Access to the Doula
  • Creation of a Remembrance Project
  • Development of a Vigil Plan
  • Emotional, Psychological, & Informational Support
  • 17 Hours of Vigil Presence & Guidance Assistance with Practical Vigil Care
  • Respite for Caregivers
  • Extended Presence at the Time of Death & Afterwards
  • 2 Post Death Visits (totaling 3 hours)
  • Referrals to Community
  • Bereavement Services
  • 1 Check-in Call after the Post Death Visits

Total Package Price: $2500

The Advance Care Planning Package is designed for those who need assistance recording their wishes for their care, in the event that they cannot speak for themselves.  

This package includes:

  • 2 hours of conversation with the doula to understand the wishes of the client
  • 2 hours of the doula’s time compiling the wishes into Farewell Fellowship’s template
  • Printing and emailing of the final advance care plan
  • In addition, this package includes the doula’s assistance in explaining the details of the plans to the loved ones of the family (in-person or remote)

Price for Advance Care Planning Package Sliding Scale: $250-$350

Spirit Vessel offers “mindfully handcrafted Ceramic Urns and personalized Celebration Of Life Ceremonies to assist in grieving, honoring, and celebrating you or your loved one.”  

As an affiliate partner of the Spirit Vessel team, I am proud to connect you to this amazing funeral/burial/memorial option and happy to help facilitate your unique vision.

Your Spirit Vessel Ceremonial Package will include:

  • a personalized Ceremony Consultation with a Spirit Vessel representative,
  • a handmade Ceramic Urn of choice, mindfully crafted in the New Mexico studio,
  • the Spirit Vessel Ceremonial Guide and Ceremony Template which will guide you through every aspect of designing, creating, and carrying out your personalized ceremony,
  • a Ceremony Essentials and Checklist Booklet providing comprehensive options on how to plan your memorial ceremony and checklists for suggested personal, estate, and financial matters,  
  • the Conversation Assistance Booklet offering guidance on how to have difficult conversations with your family,
  • additional pieces for your ceremony and altar memorial space including a handmade incense bowl to accompany your urn, eight incense cones of our Heart Chakra Herbal Blend, four Spirit Vessel votive candles, and gold thread that may be used for ceremony prompts.

Furthermore, each order is carefully packaged in a handcrafted, sustainably sourced, solid wood box and ships free in the Continental US. 

The Spirit Vessel Urn Package is $1679. Please see more here.



Let me curate a meaningful and comforting gift for your bereaved.  A beautiful basket filled with tangible comforts that soothe the senses. Each bereavement basket includes:

  • Grief Blend Essential Oil
  • Ginger Chews to soothe upset stomachs
  • A hand-sized rose quartz crystal to infuse healing energy via touch
  • A grief support book uniquely chosen for your bereaved
  • A 1-hour gift card for Grief Companionship

Your gift basket can be shipped or hand delivered.  This bereavement basket is offered at a sliding scale, $150-$200 and can be customized with additions to personalize your gift.

Have a loved one you’d like to support through their terminal diagnosis or grief journey but just don’t know how?

Consider gifting your loved one with an hour (or a few) of specialized death and/or grief companionship.  Please reach out to customize your gift.

Hourly Services

Every end of life journey is unique and the needs of you or your family at this time may not fit neatly into a package.  Above all, I bring my education, my experience and my unique gifts to your family to support you during this delicate time.

For compassionate and contemplative companionship during your end of life or grief journey, please reach out.  My hourly rate is $65/hour for death and grief companionship and for home funeral guidance.  


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