End of Life Doula Training, January 2020

Home Funerals for Death Doulas, January 2021

Beyond the Advance Directive with Alua Arthur, February 2021

Supporting Perinatal Loss with Joanne Zerdy, PhD, March 2021

Dementia, End-of-Life & Letting Go with Teepa Snow, March 2021

Mourning & Grieving in Different Cultures with Liese Groot-Alberts, March 2021

Loss & Grief in Compassionate Communities with Smriti Rana (Pallium India), March 2021

Collective Grief with Dr. Katie Eastman, April 2021

Life, Death & Transition Workshops & the Externalization Process with Dr. Larry Lincoln, April 2021

The Spiritual Path of Grief by Wilka Roig, April 2021

Thanatology & Grief Support with Cole Imperi, April 2021

Narinder Bazen hosts Tea with Barbar Karnes, RN, April 2021

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