About Jade Adgate

Jade Adgate is and has always been a caretaker, a nurturer, a helper and a wide-eyed companion to her elders. Serving her own aging family members alongside her growing babies, Jade developed a reverence for the bookends of the human experience, birth and death. This perspective forms the stance Jade brings into the work she now does as a death companion: the belief that sacred, holistic and dignified death is a right every human being is entitled to.

Jade has served as an active hospice volunteer since 2018 and as a death doula (INELDA trained) since 2020. Farewell Fellowship was created in 2021 to expand the practice of contemplative death companionship to our wider Nashville community. Throughout her experience serving the dying and their loved ones, Jade has developed a calming presence, and inquisitive approach to conversation and the ability to connect to others with warmth, compassion, authenticity and humor.

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